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27 Jul

July 25 – Lounging around Rocky Mountain House

It looked like a gamble but they were there, so I went. Things started to brew early, stewing away in the mountains west of Rocky, and when they looked like they were going to march out, I had to go for a look. There wasn’t much to see but it was a nice relaxing tour.

23 Jul

July 21 – Hit and miss

Just catching up, posting a few shots and a shot video of a little grimmy that boiled up just west of here. Quite a pretty thing, it appeared to be the result of a cold front undercutting a standing wave that was hanging out there. Shortly after it started to move east it parked and […]

20 Jul

July 20 – More hail

Another early start to the activity today. Shortly after noon a few nice looking but short towers started to take shape to the west, so I went out for a look. Other than being very pretty, they didn’t look like a lot, quite high up there. I parked in between a small but persistent cell […]

20 Jul

July 19 – Green Monster

An early start to the action today. I was on the road early this afternoon, heading for Sundre. Watches were out early. Not a hot day, 23C, not nearly as humid as yesterday, but today there was a little bit more low level feed from the east, bands of low cloud heading the same way […]

19 Jul

July 18 – 26C + 20C dewpoint = kaboom

Too bad Environment Canada dropped the ball, or popped the ball, whichever you like. I am not too impressed after the day’s events, especially after what’s been going on around here weather wise lately. Watches were out as they should have been, ~50 knots of shear above and sticky conditions below, the stage was set. […]

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