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16 Aug

August 15 foothills storm + August 13th timelapse video

Storm season could be over, if it is, it came to a proper end. Sunday looked good for storms like the the ones on the 13th to break out west of here, so I met up with Brandon for an afternoon of storm watching at the watering hole in Spruceview. We wound up on hwy#22 […]

14 Aug

August 13 – Drayton Valley / Alder Flats Supercell

This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable storm tours so far this year. We headed out mid-afternoon to troll the hills around and north of Rocky Mountain house. 26C and muggy, but heavily capped here, something was going to go to to the north along the edge of the 700mb ridge, somewhere […]

11 Aug

August 11 – Muggy days, electric nights

Warm air above, warm air below, and not a lot of movement anywhere. Storms rising off the hills have been erased around here at the highway #22 wall, evaporating into the warm air above. A few storms have managed to go up to the south and north, but the cap has been unbreakable here. All […]

07 Aug

August 4 Sylvan Lake lightning show and August 6 hailstorm

Busy busy along the foothills the past few days. I spent a few hours at Sylvan Lake on Thursday night watching a crazy electric storm between there and Gull Lake, more lighting than lightning bolts, but still quite the spectacle. Two hail planes were overhead the whole time, what a spooky scene as they were […]

05 Aug

July 29 & August 3 catch up

Some goodies to see since the last post, but a computer meltdown kept the photos in the camera. I was just about to type up a story about it when storms started to boil north and south, so I just got home from a lightning tour, more on that tomorrow, if there is time before […]

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