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July 29 & August 3 catch up

Some goodies to see since the last post, but a computer meltdown kept the photos in the camera. I was just about to type up a story about it when storms started to boil north and south, so I just got home from a lightning tour, more on that tomorrow, if there is time before it starts again.
The lighting is from a small storm on the 3rd that lingered between here and Sylvan Lake, the rest are from a short storm tour on July 29 west of here.

Lightning show south of Sylvan Lake, AB - August 3, 2011
Cows and thunderstorms south of Eckville, AB - July 29, 2011Dark swirling skies with a dusty disturbance below, north of Caroline, AB - July 29, 2011Thunderstorm trying to rebuild west of Innisfail, AB - July 29, 2011Green thunderstorm west of Innisfail, AB - July 29, 2011Wall cloud hangs below a explosive but short lived cell east of Innisfail, AB - July 29, 2011

3 Responses to “July 29 & August 3 catch up”

  1. 1
    Alysa Says:

    How do you get such amazing photos Pat!! Insane. What settings do you use. Iso, shutter speed, aperature…?

  2. 2
    anthony L Says:

    You the Master Pat!! Beautiful. Thx for making it seem so real.

  3. 3
    Pat Boomer Says:

    Hi Alysa
    I take lots of photos, shoot RAW, use whatever settings are required at the time 🙂

    Hiya Anthony, thanks m8
    Wish you’d send us a pic once in a while like you used to. Some nice looking stuff down there this year.

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