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August 15 foothills storm + August 13th timelapse video

Storm season could be over, if it is, it came to a proper end.
Sunday looked good for storms like the the ones on the 13th to break out west of here, so I met up with Brandon for an afternoon of storm watching at the watering hole in Spruceview.
We wound up on hwy#22 south of Rocky watching storms die of hypothermia. The big show was far to the northeast and we got skunked.
Yesterday was a chilly one, but 12C at the surface was enough to get a late afternoon storm going west of Rocky. Not enough to waste the petrol to go look at, but still spinny enough to watch for a half hour from here, and juicy enough to give Sundre another good shot of hail.

The video from the Drayton Valley / Alder Flats storm didn’t turn out as good on Youtube as I’d hoped, it looks better bigger. It does give an idea of how fast this thing erupted when it got going.

August 15 Strathmore RADAR loop (344kb)

Thunderstorm in the Alberta foothills near Caroline - August 15, 2011
Thunderstorm in the Alberta foothills near Caroline - August 15, 2011Rainbow over Innisfail, AB - August 15, 2011Cumulus puffs over ripening fields - August 15, 2011

2 Responses to “August 15 foothills storm + August 13th timelapse video”

  1. 1
    Brandon Says:

    Awesome work on the video! It looks good to me. That was one of the nicest storms I’ve had the privledge to observe. It definitely made the year for me.

  2. 2
    Dave Says:

    Good as always. I might have to get in touch with you after our season wraps up. I need about 15 sec of time lapse video of a t-storm for a sight fishing dvd and this definitely fits what we need. It’s for a section ‘factors impacting sight fishing’ (seeing into a trout stream) and t-storms tend to murky waters up. 10 – 15 seconds of this would be perfect. So, I’ll likely come knocking late Sept. 🙂

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