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September 6 – Back from a break

Another thought for the title of this post was “Alberta – nil sig wx”, a phrase that has been repeated many times in the PASPC writeups since storm season came to a sudden halt around here. 30 mm of rain in the can and a temporary coat of white for the Rockies since the last post, but mostly real nice summer weather.
We’ve spent the past two weeks mucking about close to home, taking little spins here and there but nothing too far. Autumn colors are starting to show, crops are toasting up nicely, canola is being cut, a few poplars are starting to yellow, but the lawn is still growing like mad.

The lure of some wavy goodies got us out to the mountains on the weekend for a Sunday morning tour around the Abraham Lake area before the long weekend hordes arrived at noon. Never seen that many vehicles at the Siffleur Falls parking spot before, what a beautiful day for the hike, I’m glad we did it on a quiet day last year.
We got skunked on the wavy bits but saw a few new things, including Owen Creek Falls. That drive is always worth it just to see the lake anyway.

More blue skies and toasty temperatures in the forecast, a huge dome of high pressure in place till next Thursday. I’m hoping to get out for a tourist-free, near-full moon early morning tour to the mountains this weekend.
To have clear skies around here for the arrival of a solar storm is a rare thing it seems, but we could be in luck this week. An earth facing sunspot uncorked a X2 solar flare and a big Coronal Mass Ejection earlier today. Most of it is going to miss, but we could get a waft of wind from it that will hopefully be strong enough to light the night.

CSSDP Real time Auroral Oval

Wind turbines at sunrise near Trochu, AB - Aug 25, 2011Wind turbines at sunrise near Trochu, AB - Aug 25, 2011
Harvest colours start to show - Sept. 1, 2011Sun halo - Sept. 1, 2011Duck family warming in the early morning sun west of Red Deer, AB - Sept. 1, 2011
Fata Morgana in the Rocky Mountains west of Rocky Mountain House, AB - Sept. 4, 2011
Bighorn River above Crescent falls - Sept. 4, 2011Windy morning at Abraham Lake - Sept. 4, 2011
Abraham Lake near Bighorn Dam - Sept. 4, 2011Owen Creek trail - Sept. 4, 2011Windsurfer on Abraham Lake - Sept. 4, 2011North Saskatchewan river in the Rocky Mountains near whirlpool point - Sept. 4, 2011

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