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16 Jan

The edge of winter at Abraham Lake

The weather looked fine until we got there. For a week, Brandon Brown and I had been planning a trip to Abraham Lake on Saturday, before the cold arrived. Right up till the night before the models were showing nice conditions out there, light wind, with a good chance for some nice sunrise clouds. On […]

13 Jan

January 12 – Big swing incoming

One more shot of nice and off the deep end we go. It’s been nicer than it should be since the last post, one little taste of winter but not enough to harden us up for what is coming. I can visulize Bill Matheson making vigorous downward crushing jestures while telling us about the “most […]

05 Jan

January 5 – Record busting warmth

15C is a bit silly for this time of year, but I didn’t hear too many people complaining about it Wednesday. Anywhere without snow, which is anywhere south or east of here, gained a few more degrees than those of us surrounded by white. We managed 6.5C out in the middle of a field, a […]

01 Jan

Looking back at 2011

I’ve been kicking around the thought of posting some sort of wrap-up for year’s end for a few weeks, yesterday the quest to find the favorite photos of 2011 began. We tried to find one for each month, but photo ops seemed to clump together more this year than in years past. Long stretches of […]

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