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30 Jun

June 29 – Waiting patiently for the eruption

All the goodies of June have passed us by so far, but there are a few hours left. Nothing but sog and mosquitoes since the last post, the jet stream is toying with us. Being on the cool rainy side has left the landscape around here as wet as it can get, ditches are like […]

18 Jun

June 18 – Rain makes rain

It’s a saying Grandad used to use and it works well this week. The jet stream has abandoned us, staying in the northern states and keeping frigid air aloft. Any time the sun peeks out, the liquid laying around in the fields has been trying to evaporate, quickly filling the sky with puffy cumulus that […]

14 Jun

June 13 – Too much Juice

The June monsoon continues, I hope the end is near. A crazy wet day today for a lot of southern Alberta, freezing temps above and more heat this morning than expected really lit things off this afternoon, plugging the RADARs up with streams of red storms dropping lots of lightning, hail and torrential rain. Unorganized […]

10 Jun

June 10 – Five years in

It doesn’t seem like five years have gone by since the first post, more like ten. Thousands of miles, thousands of photos of almost every puff of vapor that has drifted by within 50 miles of here. 2011 was a good year but I have a feeling about 2012, things are stacking up nicely for […]

09 Jun

June 9 – Thunders, funnels, and snow.

An active day in Alberta began with a healthy dumping of snow on Canmore, progressed to a tornado watch for a good chunk of the province, then a few funnel clouds out in the Camrose – Stettler area. Not a real warm day, reaching for 20C, but with cold air aloft and lots of shear, […]

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