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June 5-7, 2013 – Eyes to the sky

The time has come again to watch the hills for darkling shadows.
Wet weather has been here and the land is covered in puddles.
More fuel for the fire.

The first few trips out to storm wash the car this year were no more to talk about than an actual car wash. A few miles already this season just looking for something that wants it’s picture taken, but no luck until June 5.
A cold front with a push from a collapsing storm west of Drayton Valley was rolling towards Red Deer, didn’t look like a lot on radar but did have a bit of a bow to it, so we went for a spin. Up to a high spot northeast of the city, as soon as we got to our spot a small gust line could be seen kicking up dust northwest of the city. Within a few minutes the line had stretched out almost as wide as the city and was moving in fast. One spot due north of the city, close to the QE2 seemed to be a focal point, almost like a little gustnado that was flinging a plume of dust into the squall, I assume this was close to the area that had the downed power lines(Advocate story). The airport recorded ~74kmh peak gust a few miles south of the city. We stood and gawked and pointed while the vidcam sat in the bag. Brilliant.

June 7 is pretty early to be getting a significant storm around here, but a mega-jet flying in across southern BC gave enough of a jolt to help light things up a bit. Had to go have a look. I made it as far south as Bergen road, watching cells fighting amongst each other for room. Lots of lightning, lots of rain, a few neat looking bits here and there but pretty much just a car wash again. A few more degrees C and we would have had some nasties. Good to hear the hail planes buzzing around overhead again, it’s open season on thunderheads.

June 5 Strathmore RADAR loop
June 7 Strathmore RADAR loop
June 7 Visible Sat loop

Wind storm blows through Red Deer, AB June 5, 2013Lightning strike west of Didsbury, AB June 7, 2013
Thunderstorm near Sundre, AB June 7, 2013Skinny funnel cloud west of Olds, AB June 7, 2013

A great deal of change has taken place since the last post, the biggest one being our move from a mountain view southwest of Red Deer, to Mountview, in Red Deer. Time has been flying past.

No longer can I see the foothills from Cochrane to Nordegg just by looking out between the trees, now it is like standing in a forest.
The weather station is partially up but I think I must have whacked the anemometer when taking it down, only temp and humidity for now. Not that there is measurable wind in this yard anyway.

Still, the good outweighs the bad by a lot, and we have been out to places east we haven’t been in ages.
As far as storm watching goes, I think it’s a good thing. Might even try to find a navigator or two this year.
I was always extra mindful of the yard after the 2006 hailstorm that tore the arse out of the yard with the dogs stuck shelterless and downed trees blocking the road. We were so isolated that I think the place could have burnt to the ground and nobody would have even noticed till the next day. No worries about that stuff now so I plan to wander a bit more this year. Rarely did I go east of the QE2 chasing the prairie beasties for fear something wicked would roll out of the hills and over the yard.
For years I watched those monsters from 100 miles away, going to go after a few this year but the foothills will always be my favorite hunting grounds and they are only a few more minutes away.

5 Responses to “June 5-7, 2013 – Eyes to the sky”

  1. 1
    Tim Says:

    Hey Pat, great to see the posts starting up again. I’ve been checking every couple days since last
    storm season haha. I read the title ‘ August 4-6 Electric Long Weekend’ many many times.
    Keep up the awesome work and heres to hoping for an active storm season!

  2. 2
    Red Says:

    Great to see you post again.
    Welcome to Mountview. I live in Sunnybrook. I miss the wide open skies in the country. I’m sure you’ll miss your view of the mountains.

  3. 3
    Pat Boomer Says:

    Hope there will be some nice eye candy this year Tim, maybe something to look at Wednesday?

    Howdy neighbor Red 🙂
    Sure can’t see much for sky in here, but not missing it too much yet, been soaking up many miles of bike paths so that is making up for it somewhat.

  4. 4
    Tim Says:

    Yes I hope so too, Wednesday is shaping up nicely so far if the models hold up.

    Ps – Welcome to Red Deer

  5. 5
    Andy Fraser Says:

    Great to see you back

    From a New Zealand fan in the deep south, Invercargill

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