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23 Jul

July 20 – The beast arrives

The summer of 2013 is going to be a tough one to beat, at least as far as hail is concerned. The damage caused by the Great White Combine is going to be off the scale when everything gets added up. On the 17th, Brandon Brown stopped by and picked me up for an afternoon […]

16 Jul

July 11,14 – Closer to home

July 11th turned into more than I thought it was going to. Soft looking storms brewed up near Rocky early in the afternoon in a northwest flow, I debated even going for a look but curiosity killed the cat as they say. It was a shelfy, cold looking mess for most of the time I […]

11 Jul

July 11 – Hail scars

The first time I saw a hail scar across the farmland of Alberta was in early August 2009 after a brutal night storm tore a strip from Rocky Mountain House almost to the US border, nearly 400km long (link). Now we have five scars in one week, there is a lot of salad in southern […]

09 Jul

July 8 – Hail week

No shortage of activity for the first week of July in Alberta and hail has been the story almost every day. Stifling heat and humidex numbers over 40 for a lot of the province kept me in the nice cool basement on the 2nd, watching a few nice cells try to bust through the thermonuclear […]

02 Jul

Canada Day Long Weekend

A pretty nice weekend it was too. Lots of warm and sun, things to see every day, the only downside has been the microvampires. Saturday carried the threat of some nice storms rolling out of the hills, but warm air aloft building in from the south held things back a bit, squashing everything south of […]

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