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Canada Day Long Weekend

A pretty nice weekend it was too.
Lots of warm and sun, things to see every day, the only downside has been the microvampires.

Saturday carried the threat of some nice storms rolling out of the hills, but warm air aloft building in from the south held things back a bit, squashing everything south of Caroline for the afternoon. Then about 5pm a good one looked ready to pop out so we went for a look. A bit of futzing around before departure cost us a nice view of a supercell spinning up just west of caroline, we watched it dragging along some scuddles under it’s base, then start to develop a wall before we got to a good viewpoint and set up the tripods. Soon after we got there it spun out and cast off a gust front to the south, wrapping itself up in a pile of rain. We waited to see if it would recycle but the energy seemed to move back out into the hills with the gust. The nice warm southeast wind we had been in all day turned to a cool northwest breeze so we went home. A few more nice lookers on RADAR flared up south of Caroline before an ugly squall formed from Sundre to Cremona and came barreling out to the east. It stretched out to the north as it rolled along so we wandered south a few miles to watch an hour of non-stop lightning.
A good start to the weekend.
Sunday was a bit lazy but we did get a chance to go for a nice bike on the trails of Red Deer, down along the river to see what the floodwaters had done last week, it didn’t do much. A bit of mud and a few trees here and there. A fun bit of Red Deer Centennial stuff was taking place after dark within walking distance, the Horton Spheroid, or the Green Onion as it’s known in town, was all lit up with projections of a watery type scene so we had to go see that a few times.

Canada Day was a warm one, 28C and a 19C dewpoint, so we went for a spin with the windows down out to Garrington Bridge to see just what had happened out there. I think it’s safe to say we won’t be using that bridge this season to access the hills in the James River area. The damage is impressive. The relentless scouring action of the Red Deer river full of trees, sand, and rocks completely removed a ~115m(375ft) armored bridge protection dyke, then chewed out the armored bridge abutment on the east side. Now the main flow of the river has moved to to west side and is trying to get to that abutment as well. Will be interesting to see how they go about rebuilding that and protecting it from next spring’s offerings.
The day and weekend closed out with a fireworks show at the Westerner grounds in Red Deer, attended by billions, 99.9995% of those being mosquitoes. They are incredibly thick and hungry this year, pretty much ignoring the liberal slatherings of deet and going right up your nose, in your ears. AAAgh. So much water laying around in big puddles, all they needed was a little bit of heat to erupt, tomorrow there will be thousands of tons more as we are heading for a rare day in Alberta.

Humidex warnings are not a common thing here at all, but all the juice evaporating away just as the crops are really starting to transpire, and a forecast high of 32C is threatening to crank the humidex to 40. Wilty.
Very warm air aloft kept a tight lid on things today, somebody is getting it tomorrow as upper level cooling pushes in from the northwest. Whether the cap will let anything go this far south is a crapshoot, but Edmonton is looking a bit scary around the supper hour. I’ll be watching the RADAR for an excuse to move, not a day to be lounging in a lawnchair on the side of #22 waiting for something to arrive. Melting.

June 29 Strathmore RADAR loop

Supercell thunderstorm near Caroline,AB June 29, 2013
Garrington Bridge damage July 1, 2013Garrington Bridge during 2005 flood
Horton Spheroid lit up for the Red Deer 2013 CentennialCandada Day fireworks in Red Deer,AB July 1, 2013

4 Responses to “Canada Day Long Weekend”

  1. 1
    Tim Osborne Says:

    The damage to the Garrington Bridge is certainly going to be a major pain. It took us about an extra 30 minutes to get there from Edmonton this weekend. The James River is receding but has certainly carved out a new path near our cabin. Thanks for the photos and videos!

  2. 2
    Pat Boomer Says:

    Hi Tim
    Nice timing on the fresh pavement from Kevisville over to #587, it’s a nice relaxing drive now that a person doesn’t have to be rallying around the potholes.

  3. 3
    Tim Says:

    Hey Pat, nice pics, really gives you a good picture of the destruction.
    Just wanted to share a timelapse of a couple funnels we spotted West
    of Usona looking West on Tuesday July 2nd. My buddy Matt took the video.
    You can see the rotation pretty good! It was the first time Ive gotten
    To see a funnel since I moved to Alberta so it was pretty exciting and I figured
    You would enjoy the vid.


    Ps – Today (4th) is shaping up to be interesting.

  4. 4
    Pat Boomer Says:

    Hi Tim, thanks 🙂

    Watched the vid, loved it.

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