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The Alberta Foothills Weather Blog is an informal web log of my local area observations and thoughts, littered with photos by myself and my lovely wife, Brigitte, of the surrounding area. We are a couple of 40 something nature photography buffs who enjoy frequent trips around the immediate area, and to the Alberta foothills and Rocky Mountains.

Pat & Brigitte Boomer

The blog got it’s name not because we live in the foothills, but because the foothills generate a great deal of interesting weather for us (sometimes) lucky folks living just east of them. Monster supercells, wicked hailstorms, funnel clouds, the occasional tornado and a huge snow event every now and then all get some help from the foothills and our position just downslope of them.
The heart of the foothills is less than 50 miles west of here, but the terrain out there makes it a less than desirable place to watch storms. The place to be is right here where things begin to flatten out and supercells can wind up.

We are located ~25km southwest of Red Deer, Alberta, and approx. 10miles sw of the YQF radar site.
The map below(click for a larger size) highlights the area we cover when out watching summer storms.

If you have any suggestions for the site, or questions about the site, or if you have an interesting photo or story from the area, I’d love to hear from you.

Pat Boomer

Twitter: @ABfoothillsWX

3 Responses to “About”

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    Susan Eddie Red Lodge Campers Says:

    I was recently looking for a posibility of a web cam or recent photos of the little Red Deer river near Red Lodge Provincal Park regarding the flood warnings etc. We hope to be coming up the first week of July and have been camping 3 years in a row and for the last 10 years up there. I came upon your website…Fantastic site Wow…excellent ….
    The incredible weather we had last July at red lodge the hail stones that looked like jaw breakers the rings and such was amazing. I think around the 23rd of July late afternoon 3:30 4:00 After the storm we took a walk around and found the park conservation officer at a site where a huge poplar tree had either been hit or damaging winds had fallen and blocked the road. The next day we walked again and found all kinds of tops of trees that had been ripped off. A funnel cloud that barely touched down I am sure of it. I do dabble in photography when I get the right optune moments. Your so lucky to be there. All kinds of moments hugh……
    Regards Susan

  2. 2
    Brandon Says:

    Keep up the great work guys, I really enjoy comming here…


  3. 3
    Amelia Jensen Says:

    Hi Pat & Brig,
    I went looking to see your most recent photo works and came across your Alberta Foothills Weather Blog….very cool. Nice work, putting this together. No doubt you have had it for sometime and I have been out of the loop on its existence. I like the layout and it will be neat to follow you along your journies and observations. I have shared it with Dave as he has always had a keen interest in weather. He will enjoy it too. Also, great photos at couldn’t find any links to your 2008 works. Have you put any up yet? I look forward to seeing them. Have fun on your adventures.

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